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How To Counter Kicks With Punches With Bas Rutten

How To Counter Kicks With Punches With Bas Rutten

Kicks can be devastating strikes if they land and that doesn't just go for head kicks. Kicks to the body can be absolutely debilitating, whether it’s to the torso or even to the legs. A few kicks to the legs can drastically affect a fighters movement and power and completely change the dynamic of a fight. A few more leg kicks on top of that can even make it impossible for a fighter to continue. 

With kicks to the body, even a single one could potentially end a fight. A well placed shot to the body, especially to the liver can be an absolute fight ender. Even if a kick to the body doesn’t end a fight, it will still deal a ton of damage and score really well. 

The problem with kicks is that they leave on one leg for an extended period of time. This means that if you get caught with a strike while throwing a kick, you are almost certainly going to the mat. 

This is why learning how to block and counter kicks is so important, so that you not only avoid any damage from the kick but so you can also take advantage of this momentary off-balance of your opponent. 

Well we have someone who not only knows how to throw devastating kicks but someone who knows how to counter kicks really well to show you just how to do that. In this video, MMA legend Bas “El Guapo” Rutten shows you how to block your opponent’s kicks to the body and to the leg and come back with some devastating punching combinations. 

If you don’t know who Bas Rutten is and you’re a combat sports athlete, then you need to brush up on your combat sports history. Bas Rutten is one of the pioneers of modern Mixed Martial Arts. Bas is a former UFC heavyweight champion and a three-time King of Pancrase champion. He retired in 1999 with an unbeaten record of 21 wins and only one draw and was later inducted into the UFC’s Hall of Fame. Rutten was known for his aggressive heavy hitting and somewhat dirty style, some of which he shows in this video. 

How To Counter Kicks With Punches


The short and sweet video starts with Bas throwing both left and right kicks at his partner. He first throws kicks to the legs and then kicks to the body. If Bas throws a left kick, his partner blocks it and throws a cross, lead hook, cross. If Bas throws a kick with his right leg, then his partner throws a lead hook, cross, lead hook.

Bas has his partner do this same combination whether he kicks to the body or to the head, it only depends on which side the kick is landing.  After going through each side throwing kicks from left to right Bas then has his partner switch up the counter a bit. He does this not by changing the combination but instead by changing the levels on the punches. First he does this by going body, head body for a few reps. Then finally to end off the drill he has the combination go body, body then head. Doing this is sparring or in competition will go a long way to trip up your opponent. 

Make sure that you're firing these counters off quickly. You want to fire off as soon as you feel yourself block the technique. This way you have the highest chance to catch your opponent when they’re on a single leg. This will give you the most chance to land a knockdown or at least knock your opponent off balance. 

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