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Powerful Spinning Attacks with Raymond Daniels

Powerful Spinning Attacks with Raymond Daniels


The spinning back kick is one of the most powerful kicks in any strikers’ arsenal. Not only is it an extremely powerful strike, but it comes out quick. Some martial artists stay away from spinning techniques due to there being some danger in turning your back. However, a skilled practitioner such as Raymond Daniels has many different set ups and fluid movement to mask his spinning attacks until it’s too late for his opponent.

Why Is It Dangerous to Spin?

Spinning techniques are rarely taught in basic level classes, and even some very high-level martial artists don’t utilize spinning techniques. Executing an accurate and powerful spinning back-kick not only requires tremendous physical skill, but a keen sense of timing as well. A poorly timed spinning attack can be easily countered or give the opponent enough time to simply step out of the way. Although the spin does briefly expose the back, it’s also the reason why this is such a powerful kick. The spin generates so much torque and drives the heel forcefully into its target. The distance is important as well; too far and it won’t land (also will probably look dumb) and too close could allow your opponent to take your back in an MMA scenario or gain a favorable angle in a striking match.


Should Beginners Learn Spinning Techniques?

Although most beginners spend the majority of their time studying fundamental movements, it’s important for martial artists of all experience levels to keep an open mind when it comes to learning new techniques. Some spinning techniques are very complicated, however in this video Raymond Daniels shows us a technique that is effective and relatively simple. Beginners who have good control of their balance and movement should try to challenge themselves with kicks like this.


Who Is Raymond Daniels?

Raymond Daniels is a legendary martial artist specializing in flashy and vicious striking techniques. He began his martial arts journey by competing in sport karate where he went on to hold multiple world titles. He then made a name for himself by winning titles in World Pro Taekwondo Championships and multiple kickboxing organizations.

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He is currently the Bellator Kickboxing Welterweight Champion of the world and holds sixth degree black belts in both American Kenpo Karate, Shotokan Karate, a fifth-degree black belt in Taekwondo as well as a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jistu. Winning twenty-two of his thirty-five victories by knockout, Daniels gained a reputation as a showman who could be depended on for awe-inspiring performances that usually concluded with his opponent asleep on the canvas.


How To Spin Like Raymond 



To throw the spinning back kick with the same ferocity as Raymond Daniels, it’s essential to execute the technique at the right time and from the right distance. Raymond specifies to start off in a bladed stance. When he says a “bladed” stance, he’s referring to a style of fight stance that is more side-on; almost as if the practitioner is standing on a skateboard. This kind of stance is popular amongst karate and taekwondo fighters because it allows for quick in and out movement, and simplifies the footwork required for spinning techniques. 


From his bladed stance, Daniels does a 180-degree turn, landing his lead foot where his rear foot once was. Daniels uses his arms and shoulders to begin generating torque for the spin, whipping himself around and firing his back foot through his opponent like a spear. In order to maintain accuracy, he looks over his shoulder as he’s completing the spin to spot his target. As he looks over his shoulder, he also slightly leans his head to ensure that it’s out of harms’ way during this attack. His standing foot lands from the spin at the same exact moment that his kicking leg makes contact with his target.

From here he cross-steps out of range landing in the opposite stance that he started in. Daniels does this starting from both a southpaw and orthodox stance; southpaw meaning right leg forward and orthodox meaning left leg forward. Next time you’re shadowboxing or getting in a bag session, try this out! It’s a powerful technique that can be a great deterrent to an aggressive opponent.

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