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Refine Your Back Kick With Raymond Daniels

Refine Your Back Kick With Raymond Daniels

The back kick is probably one of the most powerful techniques that the human body can throw. It can damage organs, break bones and very easily knock out opponents. However, that's only if you have solid technique with it.

If you’re just throwing a back kick for the first time without any real practice in the move, then it is going to be terrible. It will have pretty much no power behind it and more likely than not you are going to be putting yourself into a terrible position. 

That’s why you need to learn about the fundamentals of the technique. The first thing that you need to realise is that there are different ways to throw the back kick depending on the distance and situation that you are in compared to your opponent. A back kick from close range is even harder to land than a longer ranged one 

That’s why we have brought in one of the best kickers in all of combat sports to show you how it's done. In this video, Raymond Daniels goes over how you can throw a close range spinning back kick and stay safe afterwards. 

Who is Raymond Daniels?

Raymond Daniels is an MMA fighter and kickboxer who competes in both under Bellator. He’s also a sixth degree black belt in American Kenpo, a sixth degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and a fifth degree black belt in Taekwondo, so he knows his traditional martial arts. If you don’t know Raymond Daniels, you probably know the insane double touch spinning back kick that he scored during his time in Glory Kickboxing. 

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Close Range Back Kick 


The video starts off with Raymond Daniels talking about how what he calls the dimension three back kick, is his favorite variation of the back kick. The dimension three back kick is used when you have an opponent trying to close the distance on you or when you are moving in on your opponent. 

From there you are going to pull your front leg so that it is next to where your back leg originally was. You should now be facing away from your opponent. Don’t over pivot or else you will be off balance. 

In this position you also want to be leaning over slightly and have your head turned backwards so that you can see your opponent. 

When the lead foot lands in the back position, that's when you are going to want to throw your back kick. After landing the kick, you are going to bring the leg that just kicked and land it forward, not facing your opponent. From there you are going to do a cross out, which is where you bring your back leg around and turn to face your opponent in the opposite stance. 

This footwork should keep you safe and get you away from any possible counters that your opponent might throw. 

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