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The Five Things To Keep In Mind While Fighting With Henry Cejudo

The Five Things To Keep In Mind While Fighting With Henry Cejudo

When we look at most fights, the naked eye sees chaos, but a good fighter puts order into the chaos and takes the fight into his own hands to lead the dance. But how is it that some people seem to do it naturally and some just seem lost inside the cage?


As a fighter enters a fight, he must have a tactic that will guide him and a corner that will keep track that he is staying on course. But the fight is constantly changing, and we need to adapt; a fighter needs to flow inside the chaos and make the right decisions along the way.


The problem that makes most people lost is that they are choosing the wrong tactic for their personality. Many athletes don’t give their traits enough credit when making the tactic, but a good fighter knows a good strategy must fit him as no one fighter is the same.


To make a fighter effective, we need to understand his personality and make the tactic upon his traits. For example, suppose a fighter is very calm and likes to sit back and analyze the fight before making his decisions. In that case, a tactic that will involve being the aggressor early on can lead even the greatest fighter to a fatal loss.


In this video, Henry Cejudo will show us how he prepares his mind for a fight working with what he calls - The 5 Senses Of A Fighter.


Who Is Henry Cejudo?

Henry Cejudo is The former UFC Flyweight and Bantamweight Champion. He also won the Gold Medal in the Olympics for the USA wrestling team, giving him the nickname “Triple C” (three championships). After winning the Bantamweight Championship against Dominick Cruz, Henry announced his retirement in May 2020.

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The Five Senses Of A Fighter

In this video, Henry Cejudo will answer one of the most frequent questions asked - “what do you think when you go into the fight?”

First, Henry tells us that it is already a part of him to fight as he has been competing for so many years at the highest level, so it is not that simple to answer that question. But Henry does have a tactic he takes with him into a fight, and he calls it “The 5 Senses”:

  • Attack - someone that is offensive, the first one to initiate and attack
  • Counter-attack - the gift of attacking the attacker
  • Anticipate - anticipation happens right before the counter, and people who possess that gift are good at timing their moves the moment the opponent gives them the cue
  • Feel - it can be a physical feel or an awareness of your surroundings and understanding the situation
  • Take risks  - fighters that tend to go for things without overthinking, remember it is not a calculated risk

Those five senses are your gifts, we are using all of them at a fight, but we tend to have one or two that we are great at exploiting. When Henry is competing, that is what he thinks of, no matter the type of competition.

Remember, once you know your strong sense, you can build your tactic upon it and make a guiding policy to help you understand what you are supposed to go for and what is not suitable for you. 

A fighter who knows himself will fulfill his full potential and compete with a lot of success as he focuses most of his time on what he will use when he fights and will know what to expect from himself.

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5 Senses of Striking by Henry Cejudo
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