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Jab Counter To The Body With Duane Bang Ludwig

Jab Counter To The Body With Duane Bang Ludwig

When it comes to all the punches in the world, many experts say that the jab is the most important. The jab does a lot of work when you think about it. It helps start off the vast majority of combos in basically every combat sport. It helps keep range by literally keeping your opponent at arms length and so much more. 

That’s why it’s very important to have an effective, educated jab that you can use throughout the whole fight. However, there might be a skill that is even more important to have than that. That skill is the ability to take away or stop your opponent’s jab. 

You see, if you’re able to take away your opponent’s ability to jab, you take away all those benefits we just talked about. You’ll take away your opponents method of kepe range and checking distance and you’ll probably take away their ability to start most if not all of their combinations. 

Being able to stop your opponent from jabbing is a great skill to have and luckily there are a few ways of accomplishing this and we have brought in one of the best active MMA coaches to show you how it's done.

In this video, Duane “Bang” Ludwig goes over how to counter the jab with slips and body shots.

Who Is Duane “Bang” Ludwig? 

Duane “Bang” Ludwig is a former UFC fighter and current MMA coach who is known for his eccentric style both in and outside of the ring. He currently holds the record for the second fastest UFC knockout with a win in just 6 seconds into a fight Duane Ludwig has worked with a ton of great fighters like Joseph Benavidez and former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw. 

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Countering The Jab With A Punch To The Spleen 


The video starts and gets right into the technique. The technique itself is just a body hook to your opponent's spleen, which is on the left side of their body, after they jab. Keep in mind that this tutorial takes for granted that both fighters are in an othrodox stance. 

Duane has his partner throw the jab. Duane then steps in and slips the punch, doing this closes the distance and loads his hips to make his counter punch more powerful. You can also step out to the side with your rear foot when you slip, this will help take an angle on your opponent. 

Either one that you chose to use, after sliping you are going to fire off a rear hook to the body. Your opponent’s body should be exposed after throwing the jab which means that your hook will most likely land. 

If you’re practicing this with a partner you can have them use their rear hand to cover their spleen so that you can throw their punch harder. 

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Countering The Jab by Duane Ludwig
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