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Sharpening Your Striking Using Heavy Bags By Trevor Wittman

Sharpening Your Striking Using Heavy Bags By Trevor Wittman

These days fighters are looking for any extra advantage they can to better their striking skills. Training hard at the gym and utilising your training partners when sparring, will always enhance your striking abilities. Repetition on the punching bags is a must according to Trevor Wittman, the bag doesn’t punch back, so using this tool to hone your speed and power can be an advantage for a fighter.

Fighters will often overlook the punching bags due to a high turnover of sparring partners. The bag can be great for perfecting your punches and working on your power, it also has the added bonus of working out your shoulders and arms, which will build strength and help maximise your output. 

Make sure to look after yourself by wrapping your hands, because consistency comes from being able to utilise the same speed and power for longer. Don’t just head into any gym and start wailing into a bag, some bags are harder than others, identify the bag and it's hard spots before you start training.

So Who Is Trevor Wittman?

Trevor Wittman was a high school wrestler who transitioned into boxing, after retiring due to health reasons he put all his energy into his sporting equipment business and coaching. Trevor is a highly regarded boxing coach teaching out of Onx Sports in Colorado. Trevor has trained some great names like George St Pierre, Justin Gaethje, Stipe Miocic and Rose Namajunas. 

Learn About The Importance Of Training With Boxing Bags!


In this video Trevor Wittman talks about his philosophy into training with punching bags, he talks about the bag being his training partner. Even if you spar with your teammates you still need to sharpen your tools, perfect your footwork and build strength using the punching bags.

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The Wrecking Ball!

When attempting to hit a heavy bag like the wrecking ball you must be focused on your defense and how to create leveridge. The bag will force you to throw your punches into a rhythm, the power shots will build the strength but getting comfortable with your consistency is a key component. Learning how to execute consistent punches at your pace is a vital lesson that the heavy bag can teach you.

The Banana Bag!

The banana bag is a longer bag used to mimic different situations in a fight, typically a trainer will hold it on an angle so it creates a similar situation in a fight, like when a fighter leans or dips into their stance. This bag is great for working on your liver shots and because of it’s angled position it helps you rep your striking, like you were really slipping your opponent and then landing body hooks.

The Tear Drop Bag!

The tear drop bag, or a smaller bag is the perfect tool to help you practise on your footwork, it will keep you moving in a fluent motion. This kind of bag will move around a lot as you strike it, so when you train on this type of bag, be on the move. Stepping in, slipping and dodging is an extremely important aspect in the fight game and these techniques will help you build the fundamentals needed to be a great striker.

Using these great techniques shown in this video, you too can implement repetition on the boxing bags and get your striking up to a higher level.

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